Can you bring dietary supplements on vacation?

Can you bring dietary supplements on vacation?

You've got a good daily routine going, consistently taking dietary supplements, and now you're going on vacation. Ideally, you don't want to break this routine and want to keep taking your supplements. But what are the rules for taking supplements abroad? You can read about it here.

Taking supplements outside of Europe

In Europe, most vitamins and minerals are allowed, so you can simply bring your dietary supplements, whether by car or plane. However, some countries outside the EU (for example, Singapore) have strict rules for certain supplements like pre-workout products or fat burners, which may contain substances considered doping in some countries. CBD oil is also not legal everywhere. So make sure you are aware of the rules in the country you are traveling to. When in doubt, you can always contact customs.

How to transport supplements on vacation

It is advisable to take your supplements in their original packaging, especially when traveling by plane. This is particularly important for powdered supplements, so that it is immediately clear what it is during inspections. If you take your supplements in different packaging, at least make sure you have an ingredient declaration, a list of all ingredients and their weight, with you. Also, keep your purchase receipt digitally in case you need to show it.

If you are traveling by car, you can also transport your supplements in a pill box. If you are going to a warmer country, do not leave your supplements in the car. Transport them in a cool bag or box, or keep them in a cool place at your accommodation to ensure they stay in good condition.

How many vitamins can you bring on the plane?

Generally, there is no limit to the amount of vitamins you can bring on the plane. However, it is advisable not to bring excessive quantities of one product to avoid potential problems. Tip: bring what you will use on vacation. This way, you travel back without supplements.

Supplements in your hand luggage

You can usually bring supplements in the form of capsules and powders in your hand luggage without any problems. For liquid supplements, the same rules apply as for all liquids: a maximum of 100 milliliters.

Have a great vacation!