Starting your own business

Starting your own business

Are you seeking the freedom of entrepreneurship without the burden of high investments and fixed costs? Consider starting your own business with Beyuna, a Dutch company focusing on the fastest-growing market of this moment: high-quality food supplements without synthetic fillers. Our compensation plan, developed based on 30 years of experience in the network marketing industry, aims to redistribute wealth, offering equal opportunities, low costs, and high-income potential.

What Beyuna offers

Beyuna offers autonomy. You set your own goals, chart your own course, and are accountable to no one but yourself. You determine your income based on your performance: the more action you take, the more income you generate. This is how you build (passive) income. We support you by providing:

1. Your own website and marketing tools

As a Beyuna distributor, you receive various tools to make your business a success. This includes your own (multilingual) website with a shop where your customers can place orders, an app, e-learning resources, a business plan, and marketing tools. We handle product shipping to your customers, enabling you to build passive income.

2. Online administrative system

In the professional online environment, you have 24/7 access to your sales data and growth compared to your set goals. You can also utilize the unique forecast module to calculate your potential earnings.

3. High-quality supplements

Beyuna's food supplements are natural, Clean Label, and of high quality. They meet all legal requirements and certifications. We continuously develop our supplements based on the latest scientific research.

4. Passive income

This business opportunity not only offers high income and location independence but also provides a solution to your retirement planning. You're building something that provides ongoing income in case of illness and can be passed on to heirs in the event of death.


As an entrepreneur, the prospect of starting a business as described above undoubtedly appeals to you. Collaborating with Beyuna is different from traditional entrepreneurship. You control the costs, eliminating expenses such as locations, inventories, or personnel. Discover how Beyuna can help you realize the dream of starting your own business.