Newsletter March 2024

Newsletter March 2024

It's our birthday month! Beyuna turns 10 at the end of this month, and it will be celebrated in style during the 2 Day College on March 22nd and 23rd. Trust us, it's going to be spectacular! In this newsletter, we announce the incentive winners and there are some changes regarding the incentive. Find out more below!

News updates

We've made a change to the qualification requirements. The total PVG required to be achieved in the three-month incentive period has been increased to 15,000 PVG (qv). After all, growth and success also entail new goals!

Additionally, starting from the new period, we will be organizing a separate incentive for new Jupiters. These changes ensure that we can keep the incentive activities exclusive and challenge you even more!

Vita and Selenium Starter Kit

The starter kit now includes two new products: Vita and Selenium. When you start as a new distributor or renew your account for another year, you can purchase these products at an extra discount.

"Action is the foundational key to all success."

2 Day College - The Next Decade

Friday 22 & Saturday 23 March 2024

Beyuna turns 10 this month! We're celebrating big time with the 2 Day College at the Van der Valk Exclusief hotel in Apeldoorn. On Friday evening, there will be a gala party with awards and performances by Gerard Joling and Samantha Steenwijk! We can also reveal that we will be launching a new product!

The annual 2 Day College is THE Beyuna event that you as a distributor absolutely cannot miss! You can still grab early bird tickets until March 12th. The event is filling up fast, so don't wait too long to buy your tickets if you still want to be there!

Incentive Winners & New Jupiters

The incentive is over, and the winners are announced (see below). The winners and new Jupiters will soon receive an invitation for the incentive. Congratulations and have lots of fun in advance!

The Incentive Winners

Allegonda Nagel and Marten Siegersma
Auktje and Nico Zijlstra
Bas and Fabiënne Mulder
Carole van der Harst and Nico Kleefstra
Connie Verboom-Meulbroek
Dennis and Lotte Verhoeven
Epke and Klaas de Poel
Hanneke Boelens and Adnan Bouderham
Hilly Posthumus
Ingrid van der Kuijl and Koos Kempe
Kim van Waversveld and Laurens van der Veer
Laura van Schelt and Rob de Ruiter
Marianne and Gert-Jan Coumou
Marije Wisse and Jurgen Harte
Naomi Harris and Tijmen Coemans
Renuka de Kunder
Rik Heijink and Marisa Rosie
Sonja Serlui
Valerie Verhaeghe and Korneel Deryckere
Veerle and Ronald Poppe
Waldemir Curiel and Friederike Sieperman
Wendy Kartoredjo and Winston Elliot
Yvonne and Aron Winter

The New Jupiters

Anne and Michael van Zanten
Chantal Colmer
Frank Verboom
Freya Wygaerden and Callan Correo
Hilde and Ed van Helden
Jacqueline Werkhoven
Johannes Dikland and Annet Bok
Jôse de Oliveira and Rinus Looijmans
Ksenija and Ron Provoost
Lois Ramselaar
Margo Versteegen
Maria-Louise Genet
Martine Sira
Renske and Hans Zuidersma
Ria Aalders and Henk Turksema
Rizairis Lacroes and Marklin Núñez
Titie Friemann and Ludy Snijder
Veronika Simonett

Incentive March - April - May

A new incentive period has begun! You qualify for the next incentive if you achieve the following in March, April, and May:

  • Total of 15,000 PGV (qv)
  • Minimum of 3,000 PGV (qv) per month
  • Registration of a new distributor at least at the Mercury level, who has directly purchased 3,000 qv from Beyuna.
  • You have a Beyuna Academy Professional membership.

Good luck!