Beyuna Academy

Beyuna Academy

Network marketing is a profession, it cannot be said enough. As is the case with almost all professions, training is required first to be able to practice it well. Beyuna wants every distributor to be successful, and to achieve this, there is the Beyuna Academy. From the Beyuna Academy, we organize business presentations, nutrition seminars, training sessions, and events to provide everyone with as much information and knowledge as possible. Please note, these meetings are currently conducted in Dutch.

Membership: Basic or Professional

As a distributor, you are automatically a Basic member. If you want to increase your successes, you can upgrade to a Professional membership. Below, you will find what the benefits of this membership are. New Professional members get 50% off for the first ninety days on the subscription. You can upgrade to a Professional subscription in your account at Details, Membership.

Company Training

One of the biggest benefits of Professional membership is the weekly company training on Monday mornings at the Beyuna Academy. During this interactive meeting, various topics are covered, such as how does the earning model work? How do you use social media with the claims regulation? How do you set goals and how do you actually achieve them? Time is also taken to evaluate: what is going well, what could be improved, and what can you learn from each other. If it's not convenient to come to the Beyuna Academy, you can attend the company training via Zoom.

Company Presentation

The company presentation is about Beyuna's products, mission, and earning model. This presentation is perfect to take guests who are interested in Beyuna's business opportunity. Even without guests, the company presentation is important and valuable for distributors. The more you hear the Beyuna story, the easier it becomes for yourself to duplicate this story and create successes in your own network. With the Professional membership, you can attend the company presentation at the Beyuna Academy or watch it live and on-demand online via livestream, wherever and whenever it suits you. As a Basic member, you can only follow the company presentation live via the stream.

Starter Meeting

Every other month, we organize the starter meeting at the Beyuna Academy. The starter meeting is a handy meeting for distributors who have recently started. It is presented by Paul, Els, and Senna Gebbink and they explain about the website and app, social media, the marketing tools Beyuna offers, and how to make a successful start as a Beyuna distributor. Think of it as a kickstart to your own business! The starter meeting is accessible to all distributors and ends with a festive glass of bubbles and a certificate.

Paul Gebbink Day

The monthly Paul Gebbink Day is an inspiring event at the Van der Valk Exclusief hotel in Apeldoorn. This day is presented by Paul Gebbink, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry, and founder and product developer of Beyuna. With his thirty years of network marketing experience, Paul Gebbink enthusiastically shares best practices from the field. He provides valuable information and knowledge on how you can start and build your Beyuna business successfully, always addressing current events. As a Professional member, you get a discount on this event.

International Business Day

The International Business Day is a monthly event at the Van der Valk Exclusief in Apeldoorn, presented by successful distributors of Beyuna. Drawing from their rich practical experience, they provide explanations and information on how to build an international Beyuna business with your own team of entrepreneurs. Ideal for guests to give them an optimal understanding of how to start a Beyuna business. For distributors, it's an essential training day to learn even more about the products and how to successfully undertake with Beyuna's concept. As a Professional member, you get a discount on this event.

Nutrition Seminar

Are you curious about the effects of nutrition on your health? Do you want more knowledge about supplements? The nutrition seminar is a monthly event on the first Saturday of the month at the Beyuna Academy, exclusively for Professional members and their guests. Each month, a new topic is covered, providing you with current information, always based on scientific research.

Networking Events

The Beyuna community is a group of like-minded individuals with the same mission, and that deserves to be celebrated. Therefore, regular networking events are organized for Professional members, such as the Summer Party or a Christmas gathering at the Gebbink Residence.