Starting at Beyuna: The Best Reasons

Starting at Beyuna: The Best Reasons

You find a healthy lifestyle important and would like to share this with others. A compensation plan developed based on thirty years of experience in the network marketing industry and aimed at redistributing money. Equal opportunities, low costs and high income potential. And this is far from all. Do you want to know what makes the Beyuna concept so unique and powerful? These are the best reasons to start at Beyuna.


Beyuna offers autonomy. Your success is not determined by external factors such as staff, debtors and high overhead costs. You set your own goals, determine your own route and are not accountable to anyone. You determine your own income based on your performance: the more action, the more income.

Equal opportunities

Here at Beyuna, your age, gender or background does not matter. Everyone has equal opportunities. Starting at Beyuna does not depend on the size of your wallet or whether you have any experience in running a company. Your passion, commitment, and drive are crucial to making your business a success.

Manageable costs

Starting as an entrepreneur often involves high costs. Working with Beyuna is different from the traditional way of doing business. Your costs do not increase as your turnover increases. With Beyuna, you determine the costs yourself, without the need to bear high costs for premises, stock, staff or bad debts, etc.

You choose who you want to work with

You take a structured and targeted approach towards building your future. You are working with like-minded people and choose a team of people with whom you want to start building over the coming years.

International business

With Beyuna you are building a location-independent business with a global reach via drop shipping. Beyuna was founded in the Netherlands and offers you the opportunity to build up an international income without restrictions. This is in contrast to, for example, a shop which has a limited catchment area. Beyuna delivers the products directly to your customers meaning you don't have to hold your own stock. This also applies, of course, to orders from abroad. Beyuna also ensures that all products and labels comply with the regulations of the countries where the products have been permitted.

High-quality products

Beyuna nutritional supplements are natural, Clean Label and of high quality. They meet the legal requirements and inspections. When developing the supplements, we continuously respond to the latest scientific research.

Wellness industry

Beyuna focuses on the wellness industry, the largest growth market at the moment. Health and nutrition are becoming increasingly important to consumers and the usefulness of supplements is also being recognized. In addition, the results of Beyuna supplements encourage repeat purchases.

Beyuna Academy

Network marketing is a profession that requires training and education. At the Beyuna Academy we offer training, seminars and presentations. With the help of experienced and successful entrepreneurs, you will learn everything you need to become successful with the Beyuna concept. You will receive the necessary knowledge and tools, strengthen your communication skills and develop professionally and personally.

Your own website and more

As a Beyuna distributor you receive various tools to make your business a success. Your own (multilingual) website with shop, an app, e-learning, business plan and marketing tools. This way you always have your Beyuna business at your disposal, no matter where you are. In a professional online environment you have 24/7 insight into your turnover and growth compared to the goals you set. You can also use the unique forecast module (replica of the compensation plan) with which you can calculate what you can earn.

Community and appreciation

You are part of a community of like-minded individuals who support and encourage each other to become successful and achieve the set goals. You will also receive appreciation for results achieved through Beyuna incentives. Having fun together and having a party is part of our lifestyle.

Achievable compensation plan

Beyuna's transparent compensation plan encourages helping others to become successful. It is unique because of its high income potential with payout in six qualifying levels and realistic qualifications. You can also earn bonuses if your support leads to results with your business partners. You build your business together.

Residual income

At Beyuna you build an ongoing passive income. You build a user market with customers and distributors who are enthusiastic about the supplements. This provides residual income that guarantees a stable financial future.

Heritable income

You are building something that will provide a continuous source of income in case of illness and which can be transferred to your heirs when you die.