Why walking during work is healthy

Due to corona, most of us started working from home, so we also started to move less. A serious problem, but the solution is very simple: walking!

Sitting behind the laptop, sitting in the car, sitting in front of the TV... we spend our lives more and more sitting down which has a negative effect on our health, resulting in obesity and an imbalance in the insulin system with a risk of diabetes or heart disease. Walking is the easiest and the most obvious way to get more exercise.

The benefits of walking

What are the benefits of taking a stroll during your lunch break or having a walking meeting? First of all there is of course the physical aspect, because your body benefits from movement. Walking does not only improve vitality, but it also improves brain health. Which in return has a positive effect on your work!

Walking helps with:

  1. You relax cognitively. The default mode network in your brain becomes active and that stimulates creativity. Suddenly you come up with an idea or solution that you have been looking for quite some time.

  2. It lowers your feeling of stress. Walking activates the prefrontal cortex and that inhibits tension, negativity and other bad feelings, making you feel better about yourself.

  3. It increases your productivity. The prefrontal cortex is also involved in many important parts of work like making decisions, planning and setting goals, in short: the optimal functioning of the brain.